Bridge ID was established by Alumni of the Young Königswinter Conference and the Wilton
Park British German Forum Conference. Bridge ID aims to work in the spirit of
both conferences and provide alumni of both conferences a point of contact,
events and a forum when residing in or visiting the UK.

The Young Königswinter Conference has its roots in the post-war Anglo-German
talks which took place in the German town of Königswinter. Bringing together,
leading figures from politics, economics and civil society, in a frank and
relaxed atmosphere they sought to facilitate the process of reconciliation by
promoting a climate of understanding between the two countries.

Today the talks
have evolved into a mutually beneficial dialogue between Britain and Germany. In
1961, based on the success of the Königswinter Conference, the Deutsch-Britische
Gesellschaft extended the concept by inviting upcoming British and German
decision-makers and opinion-formers to participate in an Anglo-German Youth
Meeting which was held in Berlin.

The youth meetings
continue on an annual basis and are now known as the Young Königswinter
Conference. Conference participants are usually aged between 25 and 30 years of
age and come from government, the legal profession, business, interest groups,
academia and the media.

More information
about the Young Koenigswinter Conference and the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft
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The British German Forum is an annual four day event initiated by the British and
German governments arising from an agreement signed by Mrs Thatcher and
Chancellor Kohl in 1985, to develop the links between the younger generations
from the UK and Germany. The first Forum took place in 1986.

Each year the Forum
brings together a group of 50 “high flyers” from Germany and Britain aged
between 25-35. Participants from both countries are selected as opinion formers
and tomorrow’s leaders from a variety of professional backgrounds including the
business and financial sectors, politics, media, government, academia and think

The Forum provides
both British and German participants a unique opportunity to discuss key issues
with their contemporaries, helps them to gain a greater understanding of the
other country and also provides an excellent networking opportunity.

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